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Gianluca Marras

Services of technical translations

Technical translations services.  Contact me for a free quote:

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Each translation is carefully evaluated before acceptance, in order to guarantee it can be delivered by the requested deadline, consider specific requirements (tables, charts, format), be sure the text falls within my specializations, thereby a proper quotation can be provided.

The translation process begins after the quotation has been accepted and a PO has been sent. In case the client has preferred glossaries, or a preferred terminology, I will be happy to use them in order to meet all the requirements.

The translation is then proofread by a second translator, in order to ensure consistency and prevent any possible spelling mistake. If required, for each translation a glossary of the most important terms will be provided.

If the glossary is accepted by the client, it will be stored and used for a future translation, thereby ensuring the consistency for different translations for the same client. Translations can be delivered by e-mail, mail, CD-ROM. Shipping cost, in case of CD-ROM or paper formats, will be charged.

Invoices can be issued for every translation or at the end of the month.


The services offered are:

  • Translation English - Italian
  • Proofreading English-Italian

Thanks to long-term cooperations with reliable and skilled colleagues, also translations from and into different languages are available, such as: French, German, Serbian, Russian, and Spanish.

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