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Information about cookies (Italy, European Union)

This website uses "cookies" for the sole purpose of ensuring the proper functioning of the site itself and to provide a better browsing experience, use of content and interaction with leading applications online today.
This page contains the extended information about cookie policy, it is easily accessible from every page of the site, as it is connected at the bottom menu (click "Cookies") and from the toolbar to accept cookies (click "Informations").
For more information see the related legislation, and other useful contents, from the site of the Privacy Guarantor (“Garante della Privacy”):

Tips for an aware web-experience

The Web now offers many opportunities for globally interaction and sharing information. Opportunities that were once unthinkable. However, the wisest way to exploit the potential that Internet offers us consist in a conscious use of navigation tools.
In line and compliance with the laws of Italy and European Union concerning the protection of privacy, this website intends to provide in-depth information and links useful to empower a positive and conscious web-surfing; always bearing in mind the importance of the privacy rights.
The key instrument to navigate the Web is the browser: The software that you can find in any device (fixed or mobile) is often overlooked and used without taking advantage of its potential.
A better understanding of your browser can offer a greater level of web-surfing customization.
Through your browser settings you can choose to block the installation of cookies belonging to external services (see "Types of cookies" -> cookies "third party") when you feel it necessary, or you can remove them at the end of the web-surfing; and also you can choose to exclude or not to accept them. Furthermore you can use the features of "anonymous surfing" or "incognito" provided by all modern browsers.
In this extended information you can find links to cookie-settings guides relating to the largest and today most used browsers (paragraph: "Handling cookies through the browser").
In addition, this site provides you the opportunity, from the first visit, and in any page, to choose consciously the use of cookies through a "toolbar or banner", always showing you a link to this page containing the extended information .
Remembering that to use 100% of all the features offered by this site is strongly recommended to accept the use of cookies, and inviting you to read whole documentation, we wish you an aware, useful, safe and fun web-surfing.


Cookies are small text files (strings), containing alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers).
Cookies are transmitted by the website that you are visiting, and they are stored by the browser operating on your device (computer desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
Cookies may be of limited duration: their duration is limited to the duration of your browser session (session cookie). Or they can last for days (persistent cookies).
Cookies are stored according to preferences set up by users in their browser and device.

Cookies are stored according to preferences set by users in their browser and device.
To learn more, visit the Wikipedia page dedicated to cookies:

Types of cookies:

Technical cookies: are those used to ensure the normal navigation, the use of the site contents, or to provide a service requested by the user.
Are not used for different purposes, and are usually installed by the site domain.
The use of this type of cookies is often necessary in order to make use of the site's features, which without them would be more complex and / or less secure or impossible to perform.
These cookies can be used without consent request to the user.
This domain uses "technical cookies", particularly those used for the normal operation of the CMS; among them is included the "technical" cookie used to save the user's choice regarding cookies

- Analytics Cookies: are used to collect statistics in order to optimize the site. They can be considered similar to "technical cookies" only if they are used by the owner of the site, with the aim of collecting statistical informations on the number of users and site visits.
These cookies are not essential as the technical ones: then disabling them does not create any problem regarding content fruition and navigation.
This site is not using any analytics cookies at the moment.

- Cookies profiling: these cookies are used to track user navigation with the purpose of creating profiles based on tastes, habits, choices, etc.
Through the use of these cookies advertisers can send you advertising messages in line with the preferences of the user's profile.
For this type of cookies is necessary to ask user's permission to use them.
This website does not use cookies profiling: therefore are not installed in the user's browser cookies profiling generated from this domain.

Third-party cookies: these cookies are created from external domains, different from that one you are visiting. This type of cookies require an authorization from the user.

This site, like all modern Web 2.0 sites, is closely connected with Social Networks Sites (SNS) through:
- appropriate buttons;
- embedded code, used to set up panels displaying contents from the social pages (so-called 'social plugin'), provided by the same SNS/ Social Media.

'Social plugins' are commonly used in order to create more interaction and content-sharing by the user.
All these applications ('social plugin'), working on this site, make use of cookies generated by their respective domains.
These cookies are considered as third-party cookies because they are generated from the 'social plugin' domains of origin.
Among "third-party" cookies generated by "social plugin" applications there may be cookies "profiling."
According to current regulations this site requires user permission for using these third party cookies.
To check and / or verify the cookies might be useful this site:
Another useful site for this purpose is:

Below are listed the origin domains of 'third party cookies' on this site:

- Facebook (utilized "social plugins": sharing buttons, liking buttons);
- Twitter (utilized "social plugins": buttons to share content and to follow profile tweets);
- Pinterest (utilized "social plugins":buttons to share images on the SNS, to follow the profile).
- Google Plus (utilized "social plugins": sharing buttons and content liking buttons);
- Google Fonts (Google makes available fonts for free, this service may make use of cookies);
- Linkedin (utilized "social plugins": buttons for sharing content on Social platforms);

Some website articles, could make use of maps and embedded videos from external services; in this case there will be active the following third-party cookies generated by:

- YouTube (This website can incorporate shared code from, with the aim to integrate the videos uploaded on their server; in case this website can incorporate also "social plugins" buttons for the channel subscription);
-Vimeo (this website can incorporate shared code from Vimeo, with the aim to integrate the videos uploaded on their server);
-Google Maps (integration features for interactive maps generated through the service of Google Maps);
The management of the informations collected by the "third parties" websites is governed by information-notice provided on each website: so you must refer to the corresponding documentation.

Are provided below some links to various regulations and procedures for the management of cookies and (when available) any setting functions of the respective Social platform and application.

Facebook (cookies):
Faceboook (privacy):
Twitter (privacy):
Twitter (cookies):
Linkedin (privacy):
Google (privacy):
Google Maps (privacy):
Google Fonts (privacy):
Youtube (privacy):
Pinterest (privacy):
Vimeo (cookie):
Vimeo (privacy):
Pinterest (information-notice):
Pinterest (settings):

Handling cookies through the browser

The user can at any time decide whether to accept cookies by using also the browser settings.
Through the browser settings only the "third party cookies"can be deactivated , keeping active those "owners" (ie belonging to the domain).
Generally, you can selectively exclude cookies to your liking.
To disable "third party" cookies you must first give your consent through the cookies related website toolba: then you can proceed to change the settings of your favorite browser.
The most modern browsers provide some options in this regard, giving different opportunities such as the selective exclusion of certain cookies, and so on.
Moreover, in their latest versions, the best nowadays browser, allow so-called "anonymous surfing", a feature that can permit surfing the web without having to accept cookies released from websites.

Read more about the browser, visit the Wikipedia page dedicated to browsers:

Here are some useful links to navigate between the settings of the used browser, in order to better manage cookies:

Mozilla Firefox:
Internet Explorer:

Here are some links about the use of "anonymous surfing" implemented by the major browsers:

Mozilla Firefox:
Internet Explorer:

Consent to the use of cookies.

Following the acceptance of cookies, the site will create a special "technical" cookie, useful to "bear in mind" the user's choice and allow normal use of the site.
This allows the user to continue the site browsing, also after the first access, in accordance with the expressed choice.
However this 'technical cookie' is temporary, and occasionally the user, returning on the website, may have to re-authorize the use of cookies.
As previously explained, the aforementioned cookie can be removed at any time: in such a case it will again appear the authorization request "toolbar".

(Cookie policy written by the owner of the owner of data processing, Gianluca Marras,